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Cicero Celebrates 52th Anniversary of Founding

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Sam Cicero, Sr., pictured here in 1992, formed Cicero Construction Group in 1970

Today is Cicero Construction Group's 52nd Birthday. It was this day in 1970 that Cicero Painting and Decorating was founded in Westmont IL by Sam Cicero, Sr. The company started out of a necessity for the need to provide for his family. He lost his job as truck driver. He had 2 boys under the age of 7 and another due in a few weeks. Sam saw an ad for a painter in the apartment building he lived in. The Apartment complex was looking for a painting company to paint apartments. They hired Sam, and Cicero Painting and Decorating was born. He had to set up a company, register with the state and federal government and get insurance. This was not the real obstacle. He also had to figure out how paint. So, he went to the local paint store, asked a lot of questions, bought a lot of tools, and he was off.

Over the years the company grew. Soon he was painting residential as well as apartments. He taught himself to hang wall coverings. Then he was asked to put a door and some moldings in a home. He decided he would learn how. That lead to home renovations and additions.

One day while remodeling the home of General Manager for hotel. The GM asked if wanted to renovate a hotel. He said yes. Talked his way into a 290-guest room hotel renovation and the commercial renovation of operating facilities was born some 40 years ago. For a few decades he kept both residential and commercial sides of the company. He took new home builds and the building of small commercial buildings.

The company’s reputation grew, and they became well known to their clients for reliable, honest, quality work. One day while installing a Shula’s restaurant in the first hotel he ever renovated. Shula’s restaurant group and the corporate owners of the hotel asked if he would travel around the country, install restaurants, and renovate hotels. Of course, he said yes. By this time, he had several great associates that made up the culture of quality work and a can-do attitude that was loved by the clients and envied by rival competitors.

Over the years the company’s reputation grew and became the leader in renovations of operating facilities. Pioneering numerous practices that are still implemented today and copied by rival competitor.

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