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Adams Magnetics

Chicago, Illinois

The renovation of Adams Magnetics updated the company’s single-story 4,200 square-foot interior into a contemporary, open environment that promotes employee productivity, enhances teamwork and collaboration, and reflects the company's dynamic brand and culture. The project was phased sequentially to work around the occupied portions of the Adams Magnetics buildings and often involved multiple moves for occupants.
The first phase was the demolition of the reception area, bathrooms and kitchen. This step involved the removal of wall coverings, ceilings, carpeting and outdated mechanicals, along with repairing any existing damage and relocating plumbing lines and electrical systems throughout the building to accommodate office and departmental needs. Next, Cicero Construction renovated those areas, refreshing each room with new paint, woodwork finishes, carpeting, vinyl plank flooring and Armstrong ceiling tiles. Also, to help with energy conservation, thermally improved windows were installed in several offices, equating to a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Cicero Construction brought this same renovation process to the corridors and individual offices, adding new style and improving the property's value.


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