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Clutch Studios

Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago, Clutch Studios creates, produces and distributes brand marketing content for clients that range from Walt Disney to Harley-Davidson. With creativity at its core, Clutch Studio envisioned an open, uncluttered 10,000-sq-ft office space that fostered fresh thinking and collaboration. Notable design considerations included the removal of existing wall partitions, doors and hardware that served to separate employees from one another. Large expanses of new flooring would emphasize the openness, and walls, kissed by splashes of color, would showcase inspirational blowups of the studio's best work. On a more practical level, Clutch Studios also required additional workspaces to be installed, along with electrical wiring and data lines as it scaled to meet the demands of a growing client list. Cicero Construction completed the entire project in only 10 days over a Winter Holiday break when employees were away. A careful day-by-day construction plan kept the project on schedule and within budget.

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