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When is the Right Time to Renovate Your Hotel?

PLAINFIELD, IL, NOVEMBER 23, 2020 -- In the hospitality industry, if you schedule a renovation once a hotel is run down, you’ve waited too long. Renovation cost will have skyrocketed. Worse yet, by that time, word will have spread online that the hotel looks shabby, which will result in fewer guests and lower rates.

So when is the best time to renovate a hotel? According to Sam Cicero, president of Cicero Construction Group, a renovation contractor serving the hotel industry, the general rules about timing a hotel renovation are:

  • Refurbishment: Soft goods, such as wall coverings, tiling, carpeting, bedding and drapes, should be refreshed every five years.

  • Basic Renovation: Along with the elements of a refurbishment, a basic renovation replaces furniture and lighting, provides upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens, and overhauls hotel lobbies and common areas. Basic renovations are scheduled every 9 to 12 years.

  • Total Renovation: Complete building restoration with the upgrading of mechanical systems, roofing and exteriors should be performed after 15 to 20 years. This type of renovation could lead to complete repurposing of space to more revenue generating purposes.

Using these guidelines, also known as the "renovation cycle," an owner needs to first determine when the last renovation project was completed on their hotel and how extensive it was. "Let’s say your hotel is just 5 years old and has never undergone any remodeling. That means you should plan to have a soft goods renovation this year," Cicero explained. "Or if your hotel opened 15 years ago and has only had minor remodeling since then, it is overdue for a basic renovation. The longer the hotel owner waits, the more expensive the renovation becomes, both in dollars and in reputation." Cicero also points out that many franchised hotels are contractually required to perform Property Improvement Plans or "PIPs" regularly, effectively taking the renovation decision out of the owner's hands.

Market Tiers and Costs

Another major factor in renovation cost is determining what market tier your hotel is targeting. The higher the tier, the more expensive the renovation. Low tier hotels would be classified as "economy," while ""luxury" or "upscale" describe high tier hotels. Refreshing an economy hotel may cost $3,000 per guest room. However, at a luxury hotel this same project may rise to $15,000 per guest room or more.

Final Thoughts

Simply avoiding hotel renovations isn’t a wise choice, since it can diminish the attraction and value of your property. For this reason, it’s important to understand the renovation cycle and know when it’s time to renovate. The big questions are budget and time restrictions. Working with an experienced general contractor like Cicero Construction Group will save you time and money. Years of experience and buying power give these contractors a tremendous advantage in planning, purchasing, and execution.

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