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Cicero Delivers Naperville's First HotWorx Fitness Studio

PLAINFIELD, IL, APRIL 19, 2022 — After three months of renovation, Cicero Construction Group announced today that it has delivered a 2,500 square foot build-out of Naperville's first HotWorx 24-hour Infrared Fitness studio, located at 924 West 75th Street.

Now open, the fitness center features ten infrared saunas where members can achieve their health goals using a unique combination of high heat and vigorous exercise, along with an FX Zone general strength and conditioning area with weights, ropes, bands and cardio equipment. Hot pilates, yoga, core and Isometric posture classes, among others, are virtually conducted inside the saunas. With the heat turned up, HotWorx classes deliver an even greater, more intense workout proven to enhance flexibility, detoxify the body, burn additional calories and reduce stress, while providing a cardio boost.

“The Cicero team set a high bar with their delivery of our new HotWorx state-of-the-art fitness center,” said owner Chris Damolaris. “Not only did they deliver the project on time according to franchise branding standards, but they did it despite the ongoing supply chain challenges. They worked tirelessly from the day we broke ground to ensure the project’s success while maintaining the high level of quality workmanship we would expect for such a high-profile retail outlet.”

The scope of work consisted of building and furbishing the front lobby, creation of the FX Zone space, the construction of a locker room complete with showers and bathrooms, demolition and reconfiguration of existing walls, installation of the ten saunas, and all mechanical services and brand signage.

Working with Cicero Construction Group was James Thormeyer, an architect with the Charles Vincent George Design Group in Naperville, IL, and John Neville, an engineer with Neville Engineering Services, Inc. located in Plainfield, IL.

Fitness enthusiasts can sign up for classes by visiting or call 630-590-9400. For more information, visit

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