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Save up to 50% on your operating costs

Plumbing, lighting and HVAC are major expenses for every commercial building. That's why Cicero Construction incorporates $ensible Green™ environmentally-friendly strategies into every renovation it undertakes to improve a building's ROI from the day it re-opens. In addition, Cicero Construction can help identify valuable utility rebates, tax breaks and government grants that reward building owners for being good stewards of the environment.


Cicero Construction provides real-life, actionable information collected through $ensible Green™  life-cycle cost analysis that shows precisely how green product sourcing, such as deploying LED lighting, low-flow showers, dual-flush toilets, EnergyStar® systems, and faucet aerators, will reduce your utility costs compared to traditional products.

Internal Business Advantages

  • reduce operating costs by 25-50 percent or more

  • minimize waste during renovation

  • increase customer experience by promoting shopping or staying in a "green building"

  • drive new business by attracting guests who want to stay in a "green hotel"

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