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Attract Top Talent with Smart Office Design and Amenities

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

When you’re competing for the best people in a tight labor market, creating an office space where employees will be inspired and motivated is a logical—and valuable—renovation goal.

Talent attraction and retention is a primary driver of new office designs. Many prospective employees—particularly millennials—will decide whether to accept a job offer based on what the office looks like. 

A smart office design—one that makes people feel important, valued, healthy and connected, and that’s developed to help them do their best work—reaps rewards in everything from increased happiness to better health and greater engagement.”

EMPLOYEE LOUNGE: Employee costs are the largest expense for any company, so making staff comfortable benefits the bottom line. To increase employee engagement and well-being, businesses are transforming traditional "break rooms" into full-fledged lounge areas that truly inspire. New style lounges typically have Wi-Fi access, televisions and comfortable seating, much as a hotel lobby would. The lounge area could also be a game room, café or bar — any place to provide a much-needed respite from the daily grind.

FITNESS CENTERS: While it is each employee's responsibility to look after their health, as an employer you have a vested interest in promoting a healthy work force. An in-office gym is one way to improve the physical fitness of your employees and attract talent. Companies that installed gyms experience decreased absenteeism, lower turnover rates and reduced sick leave, which saved money and increased productivity. The prospect of saving money on a gym membership acts as a financial incentive for employees, as does convenient access so they don’t have to drive to a distant site to work out. Another idea: Millennials place a high value on wellness-enhancing things like ergonomic furniture, standing desks, adjustable height monitors, and other tools to prevent posture problems and eye strain. Install them throughout your office because greater comfort means higher productivity.

PRIVACY AREAS: Small booths or isolated nooks allow employees to have quiet time or make private phone calls. They may also be used to hold discreet meetings between employees. By slipping into a private area, people can concentrate deeply without distractions from others. The type of setting can range from an isolated armchair to soundproof rooms. So called "microenvironments" or spaces within spaces help to strike a balance between solo work and collaboration.

HOME STYLE: Gone are the days of endless file cabinets and stacks of paper sitting on your desk. A big trend in office design that is sweeping the world is the concept of a workplace that resembles a home away from home. From bright and comfortable sofas to recreational swings to ping-pong tables, the idea is to make the workplace as relaxing and stress-free as possible. These areas let employees take short breaks to give their bodies and minds a rest so that they can recharge and remain productive throughout the day. Workplaces that are comfortable and home-like make employees want to stay in the office for as long as possible.

Most people spend more than half of their waking hours at work, so being in an environment that is comfortable is important. By producing a homey vibe within the work environment, you create a place where employees want to be.

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