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Cicero to renovate Hyde Park restaurant

PLAINFIELD, IL, JULY 12, 2023 -- Cicero Construction Group announced today it had been selected to renovate a 4,000 square-foot-space in Chicago's Historic Landmark Windermere House that will serve as the future home for Dawn, a Southern brunch restaurant pegged to open in September 2023.

The renovation will completely transform the space previously occupied by Piccolo Mondo Restaurant. The changes will create a space described as a modern take on a traditional Southern eatery.

Cicero Construction Group will give the space a significant facelift with renovations that include a new commercial-grade kitchen featuring a revamped layout to support the kitchen staff better. Dawn's dining room will also be gut renovated for seating 61 occupants, and the bar area is being expanded to accommodate guests. As part of the project's scope of work, Cicero Construction Group will perform the demolition of Piccolo Mondo's former interior, install new drywall, finishes, masonry, and woodwork, upgrade the MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) systems to modern standards, and replace the flooring and lighting.

The restaurateur behind Dawn is Racquel Fields, who runs the Caribbean-inspired 14 Parish a few blocks away at 1644 East 53rd Street in Chicago.

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