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Five Trends in Commercial Flooring to Help Your Business Put its Best Foot Forward

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Your floors are important, so care should be taken to make sure they reflect your brand's aesthetic and values

When customers walk into your office, hotel or retail outlet, the flooring is the first interior design element to grab their attention. Flooring can transform an entire space since it is typically the largest surface of any room. But how do you know which flooring is right for your business?

Rife with possibilities, choosing a flooring design should reflect the ideals and character of the organization, says Sam Cicero, President of Cicero Construction Group, a general contractor specializing in commercial renovation. "In a commercial setting the flooring is a way to reinforce your brand identity. Today, with more flooring choices than ever before, it is much easier to install the perfect one for your office, hotel or store."

Cicero Construction Group has identified five trends in commercial flooring to help put your best foot forward. The company encourages customers to get creative with their flooring ideas, with an aim at establishing the ideal balance between practicality and aesthetic effect. Here are five flooring trends Cicero says are worth noting.

#1 - COVID'S Impact on Commercial Flooring

Flooring can manage pedestrian flow to help prevent the spread of coronavirus or other airborne diseases. Directional walkways are taking the place of temporary stickers and markers to create sleeker, more attractive flooring. Borders and area coding can be installed even in smaller scale spaces for wayfinding. Installing a variety of flooring types can make for distinct spaces, denoting walkways, lobbies and receptions that direct traffic flow. For example, carpet tiles and vinyl flooring can be mixed to designate work spaces in offices, preventing employees from meandering.

#2 - Spin Some Vinyl

Vinyl flooring goes down quick. This, combined with its durability, has long made vinyl a popular choice in businesses despite a limited selection of styles. Today, however, if you want a wood, metallic, concrete, or retro patterned visual, vinyl is available and much cheaper than the genuine material. Engineered vinyl planks are standouts as wood substitutes, for example. They are waterproof so they can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, healthcare facilities or other places where moisture would damage real wood floors. They provide a look and feel that’s nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

"Today, with more flooring choices than ever before, it is much easier to get the perfect one for your office, hotel or store." – Sam Cicero, President, Cicero Construction Group

#3 - The Square Deal

No flooring type has been more besmirched than the lowly carpet square. Once synonymous with coarse brown tiles, carpet squares today come in a variety of intricate color and pattern options, while remaining one of your most durable flooring options. Properly fitted, modern carpet tiling gives the appearance of wall-to-wall carpeting rather than piecemeal sections.

#4 - Concrete Decision

When you imagine a modern office or retail space there are a few aesthetic trends as powerful as polished concrete floors. This post-industrial-chic look shows up in Instagram photos and magazine spreads. Polished concrete has a high-sheen glow, plus is ultra-durable and functions well in an office environment. It lasts longer than other commercial flooring options, requires only simple maintenance, and can be utilized in any high foot traffic space. Need more choices than gray? Concrete has the flexibility of being tinted, stamped, made to look like real hardwood, or coated with all types of epoxy.

#5 - In the Limelight

Cerusing, also referred to as ‘liming’, is a finishing technique that enhances the natural details of wood flooring to produce a two-toned appearance. Wood grain is typically accentuated in a hue that is lighter or darker than the other parts of the wood, allowing a unique contrast. This is high-end choice that is certain to floor customers.

Work with us, from the ground up.

Cicero Construction Group has more than 50 years of experience in commercial renovations, from hotels and high-end retail outlets, to industrial plants and offices. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to reality, on-time and on budget.

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